13-year-old had fatal dose of heroin, fentanyl in system, autopsy reveals

A 13-year-old South Jersey boy who died in June had a lethal mixture of heroin and fentanyl in his system, an autopsy report revealed on Monday. Middle Township Police Department had responded to the call concerning Vincent Weiner on June 4.

The boy’s mother, Jamie Lund, shared the results on Facebook and urged anyone with information about how he obtained the drugs to come forward.

“Whoever is supplying these babies with drugs, needs to be stopped,” Lund posted on August 12. “My heart is broken, shattered into a million pieces. Thank you all for your continued support.”

Weiner allegedly had been bullied in the weeks prior to his death, with Lund describing his behavior as unusual at school.


On the day of Weiner’s death, Lund posted on Facebook that her world would never be the same again.


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